Complete History of the Moustache - From the beginning of time until now, there have been a great many faces that have donned one of the most distinguishing facial features of man (and at least one woman):  THE MOUSTACHE.  Kristian Reimer will take you on a journey from the first moustache to the face of revolutionaries, explorers, comedians, conquerors, and The Village People…all in under an hour.  “This one-man comedy is (almost) everything you wanted to ask about moustaches but were afraid to ask.” -Winnipeg Free Press.  ”Menacingly hilarious” -Globe and Mail.

Venue - St. Mary’s Anglican Church / Rating – Suitable For All Ages / Length – 60 minutes

Company – Prairie Fire Presents / Performer – Kristian Reimer / Director – Derek Flores

City of Origin – Regina SK & Toronto ON / Website

Show Times – July 10 – 5:15pm / July 11 – 7:30pm / July 12 – 9:15pm / July 13 – 1:30pm / July 14 – 3:15pm